Free gamescom Workshop by Global Top Round

The interactive accelerator program Global Top Round offers young games teams with playable prototypes the opportunity to participate in a workshop in Cologne from August 17 to 20, which will perfectly prepare you for the first physical gamescom since 2019. Application deadline is July 24, find all info here in the news.

Global Top Round has also summarized the most important information for you here on a one-pager. Click here to go to the event on LinkedIn. Attention: To participate, you have to fill out this application form, attending the event on LinkedIn is not sufficient.

Global Top Round (GTR) in collaboration with KölnBusiness and joined by the most promising teams of the SwissGames’ delegation will run a workshop in Cologne… right before gamescom!

We would love to see studios from your region join us, so we can showcase the benefits of this format.

Workshop purpose: ⚠️

Being an entrepreneur is more than having an interesting game or idea, a huge part is being able to showcase your game or company in the most effective and exciting way. A streamlined pitch deck is an important tool in your arsenal whether you’re pitching your game to prospective publishers, investors or even local grant committees. 

This workshop will help you do just that, our experienced staff members, Jan Halwe, Pontus Mahler, Max Kubler among many others will help you out with your pitch deck, they will give you guidelines on what to work on, and what to focus on. We’re also excited to have Chris Wulf, who works with multiple developers and publishers, as a speaker, bringing his wealth of experience and knowledge to the workshop. 

The workshop includes an opportunity to network with our partners during demo day, they may see your game in action when they arrive. This workshop will prepare you, your company and your game to be ready to take your pitch to even the biggest stage. 

The applications are open until July 24th, 2022. Thanks to our partner KölnBusiness this workshop is free for attending studios and will give you a great networking opportunity as well as a chance to showcase your demo or to pitch your company to GTR and its partners.

🌐 Event Page
📝 Event one-pager (All the necessary information in one place)
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🥇1. The winning studio will be given a Top 20 slot at the GTR Annual Conference for 2022 with accommodation and flight paid to participate in a pitch with Top Publishers & Investors from around the world.

🥈2. G.Round Voucher worth $10,000 and a chance to get your game playtested by players from across the globe.

🥉3. G.Round Voucher worth $10,000 and a chance to get your game playtested by players from across the globe.

We are still polishing up the program but these are some of the topics and activities we gonna cover during the workshop: 

  • Company Growth & Investment Strategy – Pontus Mahler
  • Publishing vs Self-Publishing – Jan Halwe
  • How to make a pitch deck – Christopher Wulf
  • Open Feedback Session – GTR
  • Demo Day – Open play session – GTR and Guests
  • Private Sessions – GTR
  • Networking
  • + more speakers and guests