Games/Bavaria at gamescom 2022

The time has come: our lineup and our activities for gamescom 2022 live in Cologne are all set! We kick off the gamescom frenzy from August 16 to 19 with the #GamesInBavaria streaming. From August 24 to 28, we will be in the B2B and B2C areas with 18 companies showing a total of 14 games developed. Find out more in the news and check out (German only so far).

Games/Bavaria brings fresh indie games to gamescom

Bavarian streaming event takes place before gamescom from August 16th to 19th

Munich, Germany, August 4th, 2022Games/Bavaria is once again supporting Bavarian developers at gamescom to establish them on the international games landscape. From August 24th to 28th, 2022, 18 companies from Bavaria will be on site in Cologne and present a total of 14 of their own titles:

  • Streaming event online at 🡥 Games/Bavaria auf Twitch with Let’s Plays and Dev Talks from August 16 to 19.
  • B2B: From August 24 to 26, meet five Bavarian games companies and us at the Business Exclusive Lounge in the 🡥 Games Industry Business Lounge (GIBL) in Hall 2.2.
  • B2C: #GamesInBavaria will be at the 🡥 Indie Arena Booth with a Group Booth and four selected companies; two other companies will also be there with their own appearances – you’ll find us in Hall 10.2 from August 24 to 28
  • B2C: At 🡥 Indie Area Home of Indies  you will find seven companies that have booked a booth with Games/Bavaria and another company with its own appearance – also in hall 10.2 in the Indie Area of gamescom
  • On August 25, a small lunch reception with Bavarian pretzels will take place in the Made in Germany Area in Hall 4.2.
  • On August 26, a well-known streamer will host a community get-together at the Indie Arena Booth
  • There will be a total of 30 free tickets for MeetToMatch for Bavarian games companies (devs, publishers) and a special at PreMortem.Games
  • In addition, there will again be press releases, article placements and own coverage (web and social media) of all companies in the Games/Bavaria gamescom program with 🡥 Marchsreiter Communications

Games/Bavaria will have a joint booth at the Indie Arena Booth in Hall 10.2 from August 24th to 28th. The following four companies plus two developers (with their own presence) will be there:

The publisher HandyGames presents three games at their own publisher booth:

In the B2B area, Handygames will also show the game Perish.

Also located in Hall 10.2 is the Indie Area Home of Indies, where a total of eight companies from Bavaria will be represented. The following seven as part of Games/Bavaria and one developer with its own presence:

A detailed overview of eleven promising Bavarian titles has been published on Premortem.Games.

On August 26th, a well-known streamer will host a community get-together at the Indie Arena Booth. The streamer will be announced on the Games/Bavaria gamescom page on August 10th.

To get in the mood for the games fair, the #GamesInBavaria streaming will take place the week before. On four evenings from August 16th till 19th between 4pm CEST and 10pm CEST, Bavarian streamers will again play Bavarian games on the Games/Bavaria Twitch channel.

In addition to classic Let’s Plays, the audience can also look forward to conversations with developers. The individual partners’ streams will all be broadcast on the official Games/Bavaria Twitch account and of course also on the respective content creators’ channels.

The complete streaming schedule will be available on the Games/Bavaria gamescom page at starting August 10th.

All Twitch channels confirmed so far for the #GamesInBavaria streaming event:

All news about Games/Bavaria events and partner activities can be accessed at any time via the social media channels at

Über Games/Bavaria

As a partner of the Bavarian games industry, Games/Bavaria supports activities of games companies as well as associated media companies and service providers in Bavaria. The brand forms a hub for entrepreneurs (x/d/f/m), creatives and interested parties for the purpose of optimizing the framework conditions for the games industry in Bavaria. Games/Bavaria is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs and is a brand of WERK1.Bayern GmbH with strong partners.


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