#GamesInBavaria Releases of the Months August to September 2022

After gamescom 2022 we are back with the releases of the months! We were able to meet familiar and new faces at the convention – now we’d like to introduce you to the new releases that have all been launched in the meantime. A total of eight releases range from climate issues, speedruns to playful learning of the English language. We hope you have fun with your releases of the months!

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Studio Moondowner: Afterthought

Source: Studio Moondowner

Let’s start with the August releases! Studio Moondowner celebrated the release of their 2D speedrun platformer Afterthought. You can expect 56 playable levels and eight boss fights. For the speedrun aspect, you can view a leaderboard that lists all types of gameplay styles. Additionally, there is a speedrun mode, where you can play all levels in a row. Within the game, you can still expect a complex movement system, with which you can act according to your own play style. By completing the levels you can unlock achievements, skins and special effects. Finally, you can create your own levels in a level creator. It is the first game of the studio, which was released on Steam. You can buy it on Steam here. The game’s release trailer can be found here.

Boxelware: Avorion – Into The Rift

Source: Boxelware

On August 4, the DLC Into the Rift was released for the main game Avorion by Boxelware. Avorion has been available on Steam and in the Humble Store since March 2022. Within the game, you build your own spaceships to fight huge space battles and create your own empire. The DLC is the second expansion of Avorion. It is described as a hardcore add-on: You’ll find yourself in a dangerous rift dimension. Only a few spaceships make it into these cracks and you are supposed to help the scientists gather new information about these cracks. The deeper you go, the more dangerous but also more lucrative your expedition becomes. New characters, new captain classes and new enemies await you.

GiikuGames: My Dangerous Life

Source: GiikuGames

GiikuGames can celebrate a platform release for their visual novel My Dangerous Life. The game has been available on Steam since July 2020. Since the beginning of August this year, the romantic adventure can now also be played on the go on Nintendo Switch. You take on the role of Hinata, who moves to New York for his studies abroad. Here, chaos takes its course as he is thrown out of his apartment and a stranger steals his identity. An attractive man offers to help him and he finds himself in a shared apartment with three men, all of whom have more secrets than expected.

Gentle Troll: Klim:S21

Source: Gentle Troll

We are moving forward into the month of September! Gentle Troll, in collaboration with the Heidelberg University of Education (Department of Geography, Research Group for Earth Observation (rgeo)), has released a digital educational game on climate adaptation called Klim:S21. In the serious game, you experience climate change in different natural areas within Germany. As a player, you choose adaptation measures to reduce the consequences of climate change. The game is primarily intended to be embedded in school lessons. Here you can find the direct link to the game.

EDURINO: Niki „Erstes Englisch“ ab 4 (Niki “First English” from 4)


EDURINO has a new member in their animal family! Since children from the age of 4 have already been able to learn their first reading and writing with the fox Mika and also their first numbers and quantities with the raccoon Robin, now follows Niki. Children dive into the world of Niki and learn their first English words and phrases. The first vocabulary of the topics colors, vehicles, meals, animals and emotions are covered. The app is completely in English, without reducing the fun of the game. You can get a sample of the game here. EDURINO is now also available at Müller – you can find retailers near you here.

remote control productions: Life in Willowdale

Source: FRAG Games & Mindscape

Remote control productions could celebrate the release of one of their partner studios in September: FRAG Games published together with Mindscape the farm adventure game Life in Willowdale. A country life full of adventure awaits you: Build your own farm, get into fights and make friends to save Willowdale: Willowdale is on the verge of ruin as the mayor’s business-minded daughter Penny turns the once quiet town into a tourist attraction. An imbalance between man and nature arises and so the animals flee. The player must return to the family farm to restore harmony and bring back the beauty of Willowdale. A little heads-up for the next release of the month: Since October 25th, the game is also available on Steam.

NeoBird & upjers: Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters

Source: NeoBird / upjers

What’s better than a release from a Bavarian studio? That’s right, when two Bavarian studios join forces! NeoBird and upjers have now released their collaboratively developed mobile game Minion Fighters: Epic Monsters worldwide in the Google Play Store. Within the game you will be confronted with various attackers. Inside the arena of the dungeon you fight with your own selected avatar. These differ between melee, ranged and tank. Good equipment and training are necessary for a successful fight to get the loot.

USM: AstroStar

Source: USM

Finally, we would like to introduce AstroStar from USM. The app has been available for Android devices in the Google Play Store since September. Your horoscope is professionally calculated and analyzed. Detailed analysis texts and graphics give you an insight into how the stars are aligned and what effects this has on your personality, job and career.

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