Join in: Games Germany Steam Sale in February 2022

Games Germany seeks games “Made in Germany” for a joint Steam Event

Games Germany is currently planning the first-ever German Steam Sale, featuring and promoting games made in Germany. Now it’s up to you: Fill out the survey and participate with your games!

The event is set for end of February 2022 (after the Steam Next Fest and the Lunar New Year Event). As we want to showcase the vast variety of games made in Germany, any studio with a head office in Germany can participate.

To participate in this Steam event, please fill out this form until January 31, 2022:

To guarantee a certain quality, the Steam reviews of the submitted games should be at least mostly positive (in individual cases, or if your game is reviewed positively by Steam users but has not received enough reviews to generate a user rating, an exception can be made to this rule).

Each developer is allowed to submit two items in total. You are free to choose if you want to feature already released or upcoming games to generate wishlist entries; an item can refer to a game or a bundle. Publishers are allowed to submit more than two items, as long as they are developed by different developers with a head office in Germany.

Please keep in mind: as a regional sales event, we cannot avoid a 30 days cool-down period. As we are close to the end oft he fiscal year, there may be sales events held by publishers during this period.

Need help finding your app ID? Go to the Steam page of your game and check the URL. The app ID is included in the URL between “app/…/game title”, e.g.,

You still have questions about the Steam sale? Drop us a message anytime at [email protected]. We look forward to your submissions!