Join now: #GamesInBavaria Discord Server

Franconia has one, Regensburg has one, many Bavarian gamedevs have one… and now Games/Bavaria has one too. We are talking about a Discord server, which we will expand and use to connect with you and each other in an even better way. You can find the invite link and more info about our Discord here in the news.

With a click on the image ↑ or the button ↓ you can directly access the #GamesInBavaria Discord Server. This Discord server is aimed at everyone who makes games in Bavaria or wants to get a foothold in the games industry in Bavaria. Students are welcome as well as hobby gamedevs and companies. You will get information about the activities of Games/Bavaria and about the Bavarian games industry as well as about events from games, media and tech. We invite you to present your projects, exchange information about the facets of game development and post requests/offers. Note, however, that most communication on the Discord server is in German. Nevertheless, English speakers are just as welcome. You are very welcome to write in English.

When you join, don’t forget to introduce yourself and accept the rules of conduct, because only then you will get the level-up from guest to member and you can see all channels to showcase your games or creative portfolios or to talk about topics like marketing and community management. Of course you can also contact Games/Bavaria directly on Discord. We are looking forward to you!

PS: We are still looking for a moderator for our Discord – preferably a person who is studying. If you know someone or if you want to be a moderator, just contact us on the Discord!