Your contact persons at Games/Bavaria

Simone Lackerbauer


Simone Lackerbauer joined Games/Bavaria in March 2020. As Team Lead and Product Lead Games, her responsibilities include corporate identity, brand and online presence, as well as internationalization, location marketing, sponsoring and relations with the media and industry.

Originally from Burghausen (Upper Bavaria), she studied Media and Communication, Media and Society, as well as Literary Translation and Sociology in DE, FR and the USA. Prior to Games/Bavaria, she worked, among other things, a total of ten years as a freelance and salaried employee in the games industry as a marketing/product manager and freelance writer/translator, and three years in research.

After work, Simone is a triathlete, interested in cyberculture and AI, likes to travel and plays MMOs, roguelites and soulslikes as well as retro games.

Contact Simone for all matters concerning the Games/Bavaria brand, sponsoring and if you want to get in touch with the games industry.

Privat ist Simone Triathletin, interessiert an Cyberculture und AI, reist gerne und zockt MMOs, Roguelites und Soulslikes sowie Games in Retro-Optik.

[email protected]
0049 1578 0581102

Lena Fischer


Lena Fischer joined Games/Bavaria in September 2019. As Project Lead Games, she is responsible for the organization of events and for the areas of colleges/universities and young talent. The latter includes in particular the GamesWERK program, which covers mentoring, workshops and talks.

Lena studied media sciences, computer science: games engineering as well as philosophy of science and technology. During and after her studies, she worked at the university and at games and media companies before joining FFF Bayern as a games funding officer for two and a half years.

In her spare time, Lena is a fan of building blocks (even though Duplo is more in vogue right now due to the new generation), loves puzzles and cooperative games, and always buys her books, games, and movies in physical form whenever possible.

Contact Lena with any inquiries regarding universities and colleges, Games/Bavaria events and if you have any questions about the mentoring program.

[email protected]
0049 1578 0580889

Beck Niederländer


Beck Niederländer joined Games/Bavaria as Developer Relations Lead at the beginning of 2022. Beck is mainly responsible for events by and for the Bavarian game dev community and organizes trade show appearances nationally and internationally. Em also assists Lena with events and the GamesWERK program.

Beck studied game design and then worked for 5 years as a producer at the Bavarian publisher Mixtvision in the games sector. Alongside their work, Beck was involved in the development of the award-winning 3D puzzle game Cubiverse.

Besides games – from RPGs to multiplayer games to mobile games – Beck likes to spend time doing handicrafts, 3D printing and trying (sometimes more and sometimes less successfully) to keep houseplants alive.

Write or call Beck if you’re planning cool events for the community, have questions about Games/Bavaria events or the GamesWERK program, or just want to talk about your plans for world domination.

[email protected]
0049 1590 420 33 69

Laura Wünsch


Laura Wünsch joined Games/Bavaria as a working student in April 2021. As Social Media Lead, she looks after many of our social media channels in the areas of design and communication. Furthermore, she maintains our databases and does research for the website posts.

After her bachelor degree in Media and Communication Science (B.A) at the Technical University of Ilmenau (Thuringia), she is currently studying Computer Game Science (M.A) at the University of Bayreuth.

In her free time she likes to play guitar and ball sports. When it comes to video games, her preferences lie with multiplayer games – be it co-ops, MOBAs or MMOs.

Contact Laura for all questions about social media and communication of games/Bavaria.

If you have any questions about FFF Bayern funding, it is best to contact the FilmFernsehFonds directly. You can find the contact details here on the FFF website.