Your Path Into the Games Industry: Studying Games in Bavaria

Are you looking for a place to study games? Then you still have a little time to apply for Game Art, Games Engineering or Game Design courses. In July and August, most of the application deadlines for the various games degree programs in Bavaria end. Among the offers there are also new entries!

On the gamesmap, you can filter by educational institution and find the right course of study for you. Both private and state education options are included here.

Games Engineering in Munich, Kempten and Würzburg

At the TU Munich, you can still apply for the bachelor’s program “Informatics: Games Engineering” until the end of July. There you will learn the basics of computer science and mathematics and gain comprehensive knowledge about game technologies. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, the master’s program “Informatics: Games Engineering” might be interesting for you. This year, the application deadline for the summer semester is December 18.

Computer science and games sound exciting, but not Munich? Fortunately, you can also study games engineering in Kempten and Würzburg. Kempten University of Applied Sciences offers a bachelor‘s and a master’s program. The bachelor’s program focuses on computer science and mathematics, as well as game design, modeling and animation. You can then deepen your knowledge in the games industry during an internship semester. In addition to games engineering, the master’s program focuses on computer vision and simulation. You can still apply for both courses: The deadline for the bachelor’s degree is August 20, and the deadline for the master’s degree is the end of August.

For the University of Würzburg you have unfortunately already missed the application deadline in mid-July for the Bachelor “Games Engineering“. The program provides scientific and technical knowledge for the development of today’s state-of-the-art computer games. After you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a master’s degree in a related field such as computer science or human-computer interaction.

Private universities in Munich: MD.H, BAF, SAE and Macromedia

Munich offers you even more study opportunities. For example, you can study at MD.H, the SAE Institute and the Macromedia Academy. Here, the study programs are usually characterized by small classes and many practical projects. However, the tuition fees are higher than at the state universities. You can find out more about SAE‘s Game Art/Animation and Games Programming programs here. Macromedia offers a bachelor’s degree in Game Design, among others at the Munich location. You can also request materials on game design training in Munich from Deutsche POP. The Media Design Hochschule (MD.H) also offers Game Design. The program teaches you the conceptual, artistic and technical basics of computer game development.

The game design program at BAF, which was created in cooperation with MD.H., is brand new in Munich. It starts on October 12 and you can apply until shortly before. The 10-month course deals with game design, game art and game development and is based on the Unreal Engine. You can apply if you have a secondary school diploma or a high school diploma, but also if you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and are looking for a specialization or further education.

Various specializations in Bayreuth

The application deadlines at the University of Bayreuth have also been extended this year. You can still apply for the two games-related degree programs until August 20. The bachelor’s program “Media Studies and Media Practice” teaches media cultural studies and media practical skills. Audiovisual media and computer games are covered, but you can focus on games.

The Master “Computer Game Science” aims to educate you with a broad horizon of media and technical science, while also taking a critical look at the medium. In addition to the scientific aspects, the development of your own games is at the center of your education. You can also specialize in the areas of “Media Scholar (Games)”, “Computer Scientist (Games)”, “Game Designer” and “Game Developer”.

Media informatics, interactive media and co.

Not all degree programs that are useful for your entry into the games industry have “games” in their name. In Augsburg, the university offers a bachelor’s degree in “Interactive Media” and a master’s degree in “Interactive Media Systems“. There, the faculties of computer science and design work together for the interdisciplinary courses and prepare you for the future of work, living together, mobility and communication. Games are also part of the training.

Also in Augsburg, at the University of Augsburg, you can study “Computer Science“, “Computer Science and Multimedia” and “Media and Communication” (Bachelor, Master). Hof University of Applied Sciences offers media design and media informatics. You can also study media informatics at the LMU in Munich in the Bachelor and Master. The Ansbach University of Applied Sciences also offers some interesting courses in digital media: “Multimedia and Communication“, “Visualization and Interaction in Digital Media“.

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