Call For Projects: Talk&Dev Showcase

Talk&Dev ist zurück und wir packen noch eine Schippe drauf! Diesmal gibt es nach den Vorträgen wieder einen Game-Showcase. Und weil wir immer auf der Suche nach neuen und aufregenden Projekten sind ist das hier eure Chance: Zeigt euer Projekt anderen Entwickler*Innen und dem Publikum. Ob hier schon fertig seid, gerade erst angefangen habt oder einfach nur einen ersten Eindruck vermitteln wollt: Talk&Dev ist die perfekte Bühne für eure Werke.

Talk&Dev returns and this time we’re extending the program! After our much awaited talks, we’ll be sharing the exhibition space as a place to present your projects. We’re always on the lookout for projects, old and new, innovative or twists on classics: This is your chance to show your creations to a wide range of people, showcasing your games to your visitors. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started or its a passion project running for a long time already: Use the opportunity to get in touch with other developers, get feedback from players and enjoy people interacting with your work.

We’re looking forward to a colorful and diverse line-up of games: Don’t worry about the state of your project, this is a very open setting intended for everyone.

You can sign up here:

In case of questions, shoot us an email: [email protected]

For all visitors: Sign up via facebook or Meetup, we need to order the according amount of pizza and drinks! Speaking of pizza: Upjers and CipSoft are sponsoring the feast!

We’re looking forward to seeing you and your project!