FFF Bayern: One Million euros for 17 Games Projects in the 3rd Funding Round 2022

At the end of 2022, the FFF Bayern met for the last time. A total of 17 games projects received over one million euros in funding. Thus, the FFF Bayern has awarded more than 3.1 million euros in 2022. The 1,012,500 euros are divided into: Production Funding of 260,000 euros (two projects), Prototype Funding of 542,500 euros (five projects) and Concept Funding of 210,000 euros (ten projects). We congratulate all award winners and present the games briefly.

Here you can find the press release of the FFF Bayern and here you can download the list of funded projects as PDF.

Production Games: 260.000 euros

Source: Cuddling Raccoons Studio (2022)

We start with a adorable theme from Cuddling Raccoons Studio in their roguelike RPG Paper Animal RPG. Players take on the role of Peep and explore a colorful paper world with his friends. You’ll face enemies, but you can also relax with friends around the campfire. The board game world is divided into two parts: On the one hand, you can find items in dungeons and defeat said enemies. On the other hand, you can manage your inventory in the camp and equip your heroes for battle. The studio from Amberg receives 60.000 euros for the production. You can find it here on Steam.

Techtive Games UG from Geretsried receives 200.000€ for the open world survival game Ardem. In the single- and multiplayer game you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world. Due to a failed experiment, war broke out between humans and robots. In the process, the infrastructure and daily life collapsed. Find the secret laboratory! Records, which seem to be important, are supposed to be kept here. You can explore the large map alone or with up to 50 other players.

Prototype development Games: 542.500 euros

Source: K5 Factory GmbH (2022)

Things are about to get Bavarian! K5 Factory GmbH from Munich brings you a social VR mini-game collection, which you can play as multiplayer with your friends: At Oktoberfest – Das Spiel you can find various physics/motion games and motion rides. It presents itself as the official VR game for Oktoberfest and is thus supposed to thematically adopt many points of the real festival. Many attractions, beer tents and booths are depicted in the process. The game presents the showplace of Munich’s Theresienwiese. The starting point for further activities is the Bavaria. Play as a virtual Wies’n visitor and explore the festival site or complete its mini-games. 200.000 was raised for the prototype.

Source: Chimera Entertainment GmbH (2022)

Another 100.000 euros go to Gentle Troll Entertainment GmbH from Würzburg with their talking simulator Tavern Talk. You find yourself in a world full of fantasy and magic, where all kinds of shapes and colors of characters come together: Wayfarer’s Inn. You find yourself in the role of the tavern owner, who listens to his guests and is also famous for his extraordinary drinks. The plot unfolds through the dialogues. Bit by bit you’ll get to know the rumors and stories, which will also lead to the quests.

Source: Extraordinerdy GmbH (2022)

Extraordinerdy GmbH from Regensburg can also look forward to a funding of 98,000 euros. In the story-based adventure game One More Day, players communicate with each other via chat. You are the main character in the village of Blauthal. Its inhabitants are also locked up in fear and superstition in their own village to protect themselves from the impending zombie apocalypse. Under these creepy circumstances, you must learn how to survive. In a session, several scenarios await you, in which you’ll have to choose between two options. Survive as many scenarios as possible without losing sight of the resources Food, Health, Equipment and Ethics.

Source: Well Done Games UG (2022)

Well Done Games UG from Nuremberg also received funding of 96.500 euros for their development of the game IndusTree. Players slip into the role of a tree, which they expand over time. In the process, natural predators must be repelled and the dangers of extreme climates must be defied. Within different economic cycles, the rules of photosynthesis and cellular respiration are revealed. The core of the game are the elements of construction, resource management, survival and exploration.

Source: erlkönig Games GmbH (2022)

Finally, erlkönig Games GmbH from Fürth also received 48.000 euros for its fishing game Alles im Fluss. The players control Vinz, the hero of the story. The ancient relic Ango is a multifunctional tool that you can use to catch objects: You can target fish, but also all other possible objects and build tools and weapons from them. These are used to solve the physics puzzles. The colorful world is infested with disgusting slimes that have polluted the once fishy waters. By solving the puzzles, clear water develops again and the world can become the idyll it once was.

Concept Games: 210.000 euros

Nementic Games GmbH was even able to receive 30.000 euros within the concept funding with their idea Swaperoo. The first person puzzle game will be playable as single player on Windows and Mac OS. Players find themselves alone in a mysterious environment. Here, two objects must mark each other so that they swap positions. Many puzzles and actions can be experienced while respecting the physical limits.

Toitan UG received 20.000 euros for their new project, as did all of the following concept grants. In Powder & Keg, players take on the roles of Powder – a lion cub, and Keg, an armorless turtle. Within a 3D world, they save the Cloud Paw Kingdom from destruction by the Vladlings. A yo-yo mechanic is used to perform movements such as swinging, skidding and ziplining. The game will be released for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Alexander Max Auernhammer also received funding for his concept for Project Hammer. Here you can also expect a 3D jump&run adventure: Slip into the role of the dwarf blacksmith named Brokk and master the path of the hammer on his journey. Your skills and talents will continuously expand with your path, keeping the gameplay exciting and varied. It will be released on the PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


NeoBird GmbH & Co. KG have received funding for their project Growing Wild. The tower defense game is mixed with a farming game: players have to make a bare landscape blossom by taking care of the right magical plants. The goal is to not let the dangerous environment touch the precious landscape – all while playing the role of a scarecrow. It will be available for the PC.

Things also get tactical at Suspicious Games GmbH: Projekt Waldkauz is a turn-based card game mixed with a dungeon crawler. On a corrupted island in a fantasy environment you can fight procedurally composed dungeons. As the game progresses, the difficulty and complexity increase. It is therefore necessary to learn and adapt new strategies and procedures. You can try this alone or in co-op mode.

Boxelware GmbH conceives with Aquapark Manager a tycoon game, in which players build their own swimming pool. The game starts with a normal indoor pool, but the players will finish with all-round pools, such as the “Kristall Palm Beach” in Nuremberg Stein. The swimming pool consists of different pools, slides and wellness offers. It will be released for PC, Linux, Mac, PS4/5 and Switch.

Soul Blossom UG was able to gain concept funding with their first major project called Through the Cold. In the survival action adventure game for PC you play as a hardened sailor and scientist. You have to cross the desolate Arctic with your icebreaker, always taking care of your own needs like energy and supplies.

Fiery Things GmbH are launching their new project called Asteroid Cruises Inc. In the VR and real-time tactics game, the relaxed base building from “Islanders” meets the entertaining battles and their simplified battle mechanics from “Bad North”. On a three-dimensional asteroid in space you first build a base, in the second and separate phase you have to defend your new base with the tourists against the space pirates.

Emergo Entertainment GmbH plan to implement the puzzle game TrainTastic. As a concrete topic you will find the state of mind of train passengers. By clever placement by the players compatible passengers should sit next to each other to maximize the satisfaction. At each station of the route new passengers will board.

Finally, we would like to introduce Krummhorn Games UG with their new project Don’t be down Server! In the story-based simulation adventure you take care of servers that have come to life and help them with problems. As a system administrator you will encounter many broken machines. The complex personalities and problems must be tackled through a text-based console.

Congratulations to all funded projects and we are looking forward to news from the new and old #GamesInBavaria!

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